What Type of Yoga is Taught in Maui Yoga Teacher Training?

Created by three experienced instructors with more than 50 years of combined teaching experience, Maui Yoga Loft and Wellness's 200-hour teacher training program uniquely combines the three main styles of yoga that emerged from the great T. You can take the course if you're not competent and want to learn the practice for your personal growth and the foundations, history and philosophy of the father of yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga and Ashtanga 8th Extremities of Yoga Sutras to start benefiting your needs and your life. We offer any type of vacation you can imagine, including conscious yoga retreats, adventure safaris, epic surf camps, and much more. This training is based on the deep roots of the ancient traditional practices of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and Ashtanga 8 Extremities and Ayurvedic health disciplines.

You'll need a rental car during your stay in Maui to get around and enjoy the offerings of this paradise. If you're interested in your own personal enrichment, but don't want to receive a yoga teacher certificate, this could be an incredible personal growth, development and personal care retreat for you. Based on the ancient teachings of yoga through the Yoga Sutras, Ashtanga yoga, Sanskrit verses and deities. This training is aimed at practitioners with a practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with a minimum level of competence, with medium or complete series of the primary series, to be accepted into the program or establish a regular practice of Vinyasa to obtain certification for teaching yoga.

The head teacher is also certified in Ayurveda Practices Educator Perfect Health, a licensed retired vocational nurse with decades of experience in the health and wellness system. The traditional sequencing approach of yoga combines with Christina's professional oncology and oncology nursing experiences, as well as her experience in health and wellness, to combine yoga practices for health, veterans, cancer and general health. Graduates share their experience and success with truth, confidence and successful results about their journey in yoga, their training and their efforts based on what they have learned. Ashtanga Shala Santosha Yoga & Wellness, Maui, Hawaii encourages you to go outdoors after studying, training and practicing to inhale and exhale Maui's vitamins, sun, beauty and energy to cool off.

You are offered guest accommodation at the head teacher's guesthouse at no additional cost if available. From honing your personal practice to becoming a teacher at your favorite studio to becoming a yoga professional, the training program is designed to meet that goal. Through an in-depth study of the asanas, pranayama, teaching methodology and philosophy of yoga, aspiring teachers receive the tools to share the essence and joy of yoga.

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