What to Expect During a Yoga Teacher Training Course

Are you considering taking a yoga teacher training course (YTT)? If so, you're in for an incredible experience! YTT is an investment in your future work that will return your money. You can expect to learn yoga asanas, breathing techniques, meditation and how to incorporate what you've learned into the lives of others. Not all YTT courses are created the same way, so it's important to be careful when choosing one. When you enroll in YTT, you'll be surrounded by like-minded yoga lovers and have the opportunity to practice yoga with the wind in your hair and the beach just a few steps away.

You'll also learn communication skills that can help you to be more effective communicators not only in a yoga class, but also more broadly in everyday life. If you dedicate yourself to your personal practice and share what you learn from an authentic place, you can thrive as a yoga teacher. You may even witness people in their 50s standing up headlong for the first time! And that's not all - YTT will also guide you through physical practice and poses, but it also delves into other areas of yoga that teach you to be a better person and to live life with grace. Make an effort and start (or continue) building your yoga network and community and you'll discover that you have great yoga contacts and friends all over the world.

Maya Siklai is a dedicated yoga student who will guide and support you to understand in depth the practice of yoga beyond asanas (poses), to learn and explore topics such as philosophy, history, meditation, pranayama and more. Yoga teacher training has the potential to change your life, from the way you earn money to the way you see the world. And that's the best thing of all: your growth never ends, the yoga industry is constantly changing and the world is becoming a better place, yoga class by class.

Allison Tarras
Allison Tarras

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