The Difference Between Yoga Instructors and Yoga Teachers

Yoga is a practice that has been around for thousands of years, but it has only recently become popular in the United States. There is no difference between a yoga instructor and a yoga teacher when it comes to their certification and job title, but there is a difference in teaching style. A yoga instructor gives instructions on yoga poses while demonstrating them at the front of the class, while a yoga teacher not only guides students through each pose, but also moves around the studio to give them more personalized feedback. A yoga instructor may have 1000 hours of experience, but they never took the time to get certified.

On the other hand, a yoga teacher is someone who has taken the time to get certified and has done so for a certain amount of time. When it comes to the philosophy that underpins both yoga instructors and yoga teachers, there are some key differences. A yoga instructor focuses on teaching yoga techniques, while a yoga therapist focuses less on teaching techniques and more on applying specific techniques to help reduce symptoms. It's important to note that both yoga instructors and teachers can offer the benefits of yoga to their students.

A yoga teacher teaches what the student in front of them needs, so if you miss a class today, you can attend another tomorrow as each class is different from one another. Yoga practices encompass much more than just physical exercise, and having a strong support network behind you makes it much easier to practice as a teacher or instructor. BeYogi offers protection and additional benefits and resources for members. With more strength and flexibility, better moods, and less stress, yogis know that yoga has great benefits for both body and mind.

Allison Tarras
Allison Tarras

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