What is a certified yoga instructor called?

A CYT, or certified yoga teacher, simply indicates that the instructor has studied a specific yoga program and has completed the yoga teacher training course. Deepen your practice or follow the call to teach through this transformative and enlightening experience. You have the power to achieve personal progress, not only on the mat, but also in everyday life. Our philosophy and purpose are to introduce others to the healing power of yoga and to support a more complete and healthy way of life.

Our trainings for yoga teachers prepare you to incorporate the philosophies of yoga into your life and that of your students, awakening the teacher who resides in you. A yoga teacher who has completed a YTT at an RYS in India should, in theory, have a similar in-depth knowledge of the same basic topics and concepts as a yoga teacher who has completed a YTT in the United States at an RYS. Some may even use Sri when addressing their yoga teacher, showing reverence and respect for the yoga teacher. Other types of yoga affect other aspects, such as mental concentration (Raja Yoga), improve emotional states (Bhakti Yoga) and extract toxins, control weight and increase movement (Bikram Yoga).

A CYT or “certified yoga teacher” is a yoga teacher who has completed any comprehensive yoga teacher training. There are many different programs that offer certifications to yoga instructors, and it's individual organizations that decide what the appropriate professional requirements are. If this is your first time going to a yoga class, you may not know how to address your instructor. While each yoga school varies slightly in terms of how they teach, they must meet the Yoga Alliance teaching requirements so that their students can obtain their certification at the end of the course.

Other teachers complain that the registrations are taking away the traditional freedom to teach yoga classes. I have been living abroad for more than 9 years and I hope to inspire you to take your yoga practice wherever life takes you as well. They have paid the fees, have already approved their curriculum, and it meets the specific educational requirements designated by the Yoga Alliance. While there are no established regulations on the level of training needed to teach yoga, choosing to obtain teacher certification demonstrates the teacher's commitment to yoga.

There are still some uncertified teachers, but this can be very risky when you consider liability and the law. Throughout the class, yoga instructors will be on their mats and will be carried away by the flow along with their students. Each of these terms has a different meaning, and it's essential to understand the difference if you're interested in learning (or teaching) yoga. Doing a 200-hour certification isn't easy, and it will take time for you to understand all aspects of becoming a yoga instructor, from refining yoga asanas to understanding human anatomy and managing a class.

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