What i wish i knew before yoga teacher training?

I'm not talking about dedication to study and practice, for yoga lovers those are easy to achieve.

Yoga teacher training

is a big financial commitment. While that doesn't mean that a teacher is necessarily bad, an instructor for 180 “in-person hours” (the Yoga Alliance definition of a teacher with a certain credential in the teaching room) means that you'll only benefit from that instructor's perspective and experience. The number of class hours varies greatly from one teacher training program to another.

If it's a Yoga Alliance workout, ask specifically how you're going to get your 180 hours. Some intensive teacher training courses offer a 200-hour program over three weeks, with one day off each week. The math just doesn't add up unless you consider eating, sleeping and showering as a “yoga practice”. You'll need at least four weeks to include the hours.

If the program isn't Yoga Alliance, 180 hours of class and practice time are a good guide to what to expect. Join %26 and get 2 free readings, articles about the heart that you love. Create a free account %26 Get 2 free readings. Here are 10 signs that you're ready to deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga through a YTT program this year.

When you earn your yoga certification, you learn to share these tools with others (besides yourself). If there are more than 20 students attending teacher training, the amount of personal instruction and the ability to ask questions will be severely limited. While you can prepare for a 200-hour yoga teacher training if you strengthen your personal practice and read something relevant, there's really no way of knowing what will happen or how you'll feel. An excellent yoga teacher training program will focus more on the philosophical aspect of yoga, as taught in the Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita and the Hatha Pradipika.

In fact, you'll laugh, cry, and everything in between during your 200-hour yoga teacher training. It will guide you through the philosophy of yoga and connect you to the deeper meaning behind all those chaturangas that you do in your personal practice. One moment you'll feel like you're on top of the world; you love yoga and you're dying to learn more, and the next moment you might not be able to look at another yoga mat. While there's no specific timeline for preparing for yoga teacher training, you've been doing it long enough to experience the ups and downs that come with any serious commitment.

During my 200 hours of training, I angrily wrote down every word uttered by my training leaders, convinced that they kept the secrets to becoming a successful yoga instructor, even though I didn't always agree with what was being said. These tips come both from my own experience and from the experience of some of the teacher training students I have worked with over the years. In your free time at work, you are researching the enrollment of the program, the maximum number of students, what is the yoga alliance, etc. Not being interested in teaching yoga is another thing I hear all the time when people are thinking about doing a workout.

It wasn't until I met several other teachers and compared the grades that I understood that there is more than one way to teach yoga. Every weekend (Friday to Sunday) for four months, all I did was practice yoga asanas and study the philosophy of yoga. There will always be more positions, more readings, more knowledge and more wisdom to acquire, both in your personal practice and on your path as a teacher. Listen to your body, remember that you are just starting out and that the best teachers are those who have first had to learn for themselves and can transmit wisdom and experience to others.


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