What are the Different Types of Yoga Certifications?

Yoga teacher training is a wonderful experience that can enrich your life in many positive ways. There are three main types of yoga teacher certifications: 200 hours, 300 hours, and 500 hours. There is also an experienced (E) -RYT, as well as many different specializations that can be added. To earn a 500-hour certification, you can attend a RYS-500 school and complete all training there.

Even if you don't plan on teaching professionally, the personal benefits of the program are profound. You'll need to consider the level of the certification, the type of yoga being taught during the course, the amount of time needed to complete the certification, and the price of all of it. They will include books on yoga poses and their purpose and origin, books on the terminology used in classes and on spirituality and meditation. This will be especially true as you discuss your options for where and when to do your own yoga teacher training (YTT).

With much deeper teachings than can be studied in a single module or in a weekend workshop, tantra yoga offers dedicated yoga practitioners the opportunity to take their yoga practice beyond the superficial and experience their own deep inner workings. The RYT title indicates that the yoga school the yoga teacher attended had its yoga teacher training curriculum approved by the Yoga Alliance. Tuition rates can be thousands of dollars higher for 300-hour programs, even twice the cost of a 200-hour training at the same yoga school.If you want to become officially certified in Ashtanga yoga, you must study with the founder's grandson, Sharath Jois, in Mysore, India. Yoga Alliance also requires that RYTs respect their code of conduct and commit to continuing education.

Yoga Alliance charges fees for both students and schools to appear in its online directory and promises membership benefits for paying those fees. Take the practice of yoga off your mat and take it to the world using the yogic code of conduct known as yamas and niyamas.Ashtanga is an incredibly challenging and transformative style of yoga that places a lot of emphasis on self-practice. This means that you get out of bed and sit directly on your yoga mat for sometimes two hours without the support of a yoga teacher dressed in Lululemon. In a specific training for yoga nidra teachers, you will learn to guide your students on a journey of deep, balanced, and totally restorative peace.In addition to these Yoga Alliance levels, there are other programs that offer yoga certifications.

If you have already completed a 200-hour program, it provides you with the knowledge base needed to continue with higher-level courses and specializations, just as a bachelor's degree can prepare you for continuing education. These brief yoga certifications can be obtained during workshops or weekend retreats which will allow you to stay in touch with the outside world of yoga as well as valuable certifications to include in your resume.

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