How Long Does it Take to Complete Maui Yoga Teacher Training?

Are you interested in becoming a yoga teacher? Join Mangala Yoga for a 200-hour yoga teacher training approved by the Yoga Alliance in Hawaii. This intensive immersive experience will develop a solid and firm foundation of inner discipline through the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, breathing and meditation, Ayurveda, and 8 branches of the yoga disciplines of authentic traditional practices. Taught by Maui Yoga Shala, this 200-hour course spans 20 days, and you'll have Saturday afternoons and Sundays off to enjoy paradise. The program consists of all the core modules of the YTT, such as teaching methodology, anatomy, philosophy, alignment and ethics.

Dive into the art of effective yoga teaching and leave with the confidence, skills, and knowledge you need to embark on your career as a yoga teacher. Interested aspiring teachers should have a dedicated yoga practice in Ashtanga, Vinyasa or Hatha for at least one year. Through an in-depth study of asanas, pranayama, teaching methodology and philosophy of yoga, aspiring teachers receive the tools to share the essence and joy of yoga.The traditional sequencing approach of yoga combines with Christina's professional oncology and oncology nursing experiences, as well as her experience in health and wellness, to combine yoga practices for health, veterans, cancer and general health. From honing your personal practice to becoming a teacher at your favorite studio to becoming a yoga professional, the training program is designed to meet that goal.

Primary series of Yoga Chikitsa is practiced for health, well-being and a holistic purpose.This is a holistic and comprehensive health approach to the disciplines and practices of yoga, with an emphasis on classic Ashtanga yoga as a complement to helping those who want to improve their physical, mental, mental, spiritual and emotional health and state of mind through the therapeutic principles of yoga: poses, breathing techniques, lifestyle, diet, relaxation and meditation techniques.It's best that all participants are familiar with vinyasa yoga and have at least a year or more of training in some type of physical movement. This training course will analyze the yogic philosophy of the eight branches of yoga and the fundamental roots of yoga in the Ashtanga, Hatha and Vinyasa systems.

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