How do i know if i am ready for yoga teacher training?

You feel trapped in your practice. You can't do all the poses. You think you don't want to teach. You want to meet like-minded people.

Yoga has helped you overcome something. If you're not sure that you can commit to being fully present for the 200 hours, it's best to wait until you can be. Teacher training requires all of you, not just a part of it. If you can show up every time, you'll be unstoppable.

Ideally, you should have some regular practice experience before the course so that you feel comfortable with some of the basic yoga poses. Physically intensive workouts can be demanding at times, so having previous experience will help you get the most out of your training without feeling too tired or sore. A minimum of three to four months of consistent practice will help your body prepare for the transformational journey ahead. Finding your voice is just one of the main benefits of immersing yourself in yoga teacher training.

Most yoga teachers continue to study for the rest of their careers, acquiring additional knowledge in areas that truly inspire or intrigue them to enrich their teaching. Whether you need a break from your daily work or just want to have a good time with you, teacher training will provide you with a safe place to reflect and discover what you really want. From other students in training to your teachers and future students, teacher training is the place to go if you're ready to find a tribe that supports, encourages and loves you for who you are. The most inspiring, impactful, and self-confident teachers are those who are deeply rooted in their own personal yoga experience.

The open-mindedness that comes with meditation is what you'll need to begin your yoga teacher training journey. Maybe you've always been the type to invite your friends to every yoga class you go to; or, instead of taking that trip to Las Vegas with your friends, you opt for a yoga retreat in the middle of the forest. That said, your training will be a more satisfying experience if you do it with a teacher or school that you find inspiring and worthy of your respect. Teacher training provides a beautiful haven for like-minded people to meet and learn about what they love most, yoga.

In your community, try as many styles of yoga as possible and attend classes with as many different teachers as possible. If you want to test the waters of yoga teacher training, what you need is 200-hour teacher training. The thing about training yoga teachers is that it will hurt you physically and you will also experience some mental and emotional discomfort as you transform. A lot of people tend to dance around the idea of teacher training long before they actually make the leap to do it.

If there's one thing you don't hear much about teacher training, it's the yoga family you're a part of.

Allison Tarras
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