Staying Healthy During Your Time at UHMC Training Center in Maui

Continuing education at UHMC in Maui offers a wide range of professional training and development courses, such as arts, learning, business, information technology, agriculture, fitness, food innovation, Hawaiian culture, languages, programs for young people, sustainability and personalized training. No matter what stage of life you are in, UHMC continuing education is your source of lifelong learning. The courses provide guidance on topics like weight loss, endurance performance, injury prevention, corrective exercise, muscle strength and flexibility, as well as nutritional counseling. Additionally, they cover the design, development and training of hospital emergency response teams.

You can access your daily individualized training and lifestyle program through the TrueCoach app on your phone. The University of Hawaii Maui College is an accredited university that offers three degrees in applied science, a wide variety of associate degrees and certificates, as well as distance education degrees through the UH Center on campus. It also provides ServSafe food handler training - a basic sanitation certification for managers and staff who work in certified kitchens. Tai began studying with some of the most distinguished yoga instructors in Brazil in 2002 and completed her 500-hour training certified as a Yoga Alliance-certified teacher with Nicki Doane and Eddie Modestini from Maya Yoga after moving to Maui.

He designs fully balanced programs for his clients that integrate aspects of yoga, endurance and cardiovascular training to promote and inspire healthy lifestyles. An individual interview and on-site orientation and training on the MFIC Kitchen LAB are required before the first day of class. Throughout his career training a variety of populations from children to older people up to 93 years old he realized that the well-being of the mind and body is for life and not just for young adults and young people.The hazardous materials awareness course provides students with training to master the identification of hazardous materials; using the U. S.

Department of Transportation's Hazardous Materials Table (HMT). With this knowledge they can identify hazardous materials in their workplace or community.

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