Unlock Your Potential: Resources to Help You Succeed at the Training Center in Maui

Are you looking to increase your employment potential and take on a new career path? The UH Maui College Learning Center is here to help. With diversified training and certifications, as well as resources to help fund some of the training for those who qualify, you can unlock your potential and achieve your goals. Don't be afraid to ask for professional advice. The Campus Health Center provides affordable and accessible health care to UH Maui College students, faculty, and staff.

ARC of Maui County is dedicated to allocating the vast majority of its fiscal and human resources to the direct care of its clients. From physical therapy to job training, they provide clients with the opportunity to achieve their goals and the freedom to choose how they will learn, live, work, and play. Hawaii Small Business Development Center-Maui offers confidential, personalized, and free advice to both established businesses and start-ups. The UH University of Maui Learning Center provides students at all levels with academic support services to help them become successful, independent students and achieve their educational goals.

Maui Youth & Family Services works with several organizations and programs in Maui County and the state of Hawaii, such as Parents and Children Together (PACT), the judiciary, public schools, the Friends of the Children's Justice Center, the Maui Homeless Alliance, the POI (Positive Outreach Intervention) Project, and more.The Learning Center also offers a variety of academic resources that reduce the long 50-mile round trip to and from the main campus in Kahului for those seeking WiFi technology, computer use, printing resources, exam supervision, continuing education, and workforce development training for Maui County. Those who wish to pursue these opportunities are required to regularly maintain their training in order to obtain their respective certifications and licenses.

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